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Architectural design – more to it than meets the eye

Whether our clients are planning to build or improve your home or commercial premises, we start our process by advising them and by creating the initial design, called sketch plans. In partnership with our clients, we develop the design until approved. Not only do we provide floor plans, but we also render photo-realistic images to help our clients understand our vision and design.
Once the sketch plans are approved, we produce a full set of technical drawings with all the details required for gaining building tenders and for council submission. At this stage, we also involve other consultants needed in the project and we assist our clients in gaining tenders and appointing a contractor. Gaining council approval can be a very difficult process, so we make sure to handle this for our clients.
When the project is ready to go to site, we assist with the hand-over to the contractor to make sure that the project starts smoothly. As the project progresses, we do regular site visits to make sure that the design is executed as intended and to solve any construction problems. Finally, we make sure that the end product meets our standards.

As you can see, when it comes to architectural design – there’s more to it than meets the eye!

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Our Services

New Buildings
Building a new home or commercial building is an expensive and stressful endeavour. We help clients to take the project from start to finish with as little trouble to them as possible.
Additions and Alterations
We have extensive experience in major residential & commercial additions and alterations. These projects can be a lot more complex than a new building, as an existing building always delivers surprises.
3D Scanning Surveys
We help other architects and designers to save time and money by doing accurate 3D scanning surveys of existing structures. The captured data is them provided to the designer in the required format for them to continue with their design with confidence.

Our Design Process

• We survey existing buildings with our 3D Scanner to get accurate as-built information.
• The scan data gets converted to a usable CAD format, providing us with 100% accurate plans, sections and elevations of the building
• This service is used for all our own projects, and we also provide this service for other architects, engineers and designers.

  • Prepare an initial design based on the client’s brief, site constraints and budget
  • Work in partnership with the client to develop the design until approved
  • Provide photo-realistic rendered images and videos to aid in the understanding of the design
  • Review the design, costing, programme and need for consultants
• Produce a full set of technical drawings
• These have all the required information for consultants to do their designs on
• Together will all the relevant specifications, these drawings are used to gain tenders for the work and for council submission purposes.

• Submit plans for approval at all relevant statutory bodies, such as municipality or HOA
• Follow-up and provide any additional information until approval is gained

• Gain tenders, evaluate the tenders and appoint a contractor
• Get a client/contractor building contract in place
• Do regular site visits to ensure proper execution of the design and to assist in solving construction problems
• Assist in project close-out

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